Our Mission & Purpose

Who We Are?

Christian business and professional people make up the non-denominational, non-profit AV National day of prayer breakfast committee. Believing in the importance of prayer for your government and the need to continually pray for God’s blessing and guidance for our elected and appointed officials at all levels of government, the 12-member committee is comprised of people who are known to confess faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and conduct their lives as His committed followers.

Purpose Statement

Our purpose is to organize the annual, privately sponsored, local Christian event held on the national day of prayer (first Thursday in May), known known as the Av National Day of Prayer Breakfast. This event is held in an effort to focus the attention of men and women of faith on the need for intercessory prayer for our leaders in both the public and private sectors – and to remind men and women of faith of our unique responsibility to pray for these leaders.

Our History

The spark for the AV National Day of Prayer Breakfast was ignited in 1991. Then Mayor of Lancaster Rev. Henry Hearns shared with Dave Prather and Bill Witt, fellow members of the Antelope Valley Christian Ministerial Association, his need and desire to call citizens to prayer for  the wisdom and strength of their elected officials.

  A group of men and women from the Lancaster business community who are committed to prayer were called together to plan the first Lancaster Mayor’s Prayer breakfast in 1992. Now an annual prayer event, it is held on the National Day of Prayer.

Committee Members

Chairperson:  Richard Hansen

Vice-Chairperson:  John Irving

Past-Chairperson:  Rob Enos

Secretary/Historian:  William W. Bennett

Treasurer:  Nicolle Irving

Church Liaison:  Kem Gaskin

Event Coordinator:  Waunette Cullors

City/Government Liaison:  Bishop Henry Hearns

Business & Community Liaison:  Ken Yoder

Publicity/e-Commerce:  John Irving & Branning Group

Tickets:  Mark Heyne

Printing:  Graphic Impact

Sponsors:  AVNDP Committee

Program:  AVNDP Committee

Member:  Eddie Barrangan

Member:  Divine Grand

Member:  Stan Turner